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Many anticipate the campaigning on the postal survey will get ugly. Offensive posters have already appeared in numerous capital cities and dishonest ads aired on television. Victorian school principals have been advised to support upset children ... This spreading of misinformation and hate is only expected to intensify over the next two months. 

RESPECT—A Queer Affair is about love, hope and, of course, respect. It is an art exhibition and schedule of community events aiming to counteract the negative messaging targeted to the LGBTIQ+ community—especially the youth—and bringing it and its supporters together in a time of disharmony and discord. 


Over a two-week period in November, RESPECT—A Queer Affair will:

– Provide a community space to celebrate all things LGBTIQ+ to coincide with the postal survey on marriage equality.

– Send out positive messages to the LGBTIQ+ and broader community encouraging respect in all forms. 

– Raise money for Minus18, a youth-led not-for-profit organisation improving lives of LGBTIQ+ youth through self-empowerment and social inclusion. 


Exhibition fee:


$45.00 AUD (if selected only; submission is free)*

*Fee covers artworks that, when installed, use up to a maximum of 1 meter of wall space (frame included) or 1 square meter of floor space (one large arwork or a series of smaller works). If your artwork(s) utilise(s) a combination of floor and wall space please indicate this in your proposal.

*Artists may submit artworks utilising more space than outlined above, however extra fees apply at a rate of $45/meter of wall or $45/meter squared of floor.

*Art-forms accepted include painting, works on paper, 3D, lm, installation and performance/time-based art.

Gallery commission on artwork sales generated by RESPECT—A Queer Affair exhibition will be donated to Minus18, Australia’s largest youth-led organisation promoting social inclusion for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex youth. Remaining 75% goes to artist. 


Proposals must contain the following details:


Please include in your emailed proposal:

Artist Name

Artist biography (max 100 words)

Artwork titles(s)

Artwork mediums(s)

Artwork dimensions(s)

Image of artwork(s) (max 1MB)


Please email proposals to:


To find out more and on how to take part in RESPECT–A Queer Affair Exhibition please follow the link below or email




Click Here to download Artist Call-Out Pack