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Botanical: Group Exhibition

Bold and hardy, yet somehow also delicate and fine, Australia’s native (and adopted) flora offers a myriad of forms and hues for the artist to explore. Drawing on the tradition of botanical sketches as part of scientific exploration, Botanical features works by artists whose practice explores Australian plant life, and encourages works with a broad, or abstract approach as well as lifelike representations.

Featuring: Alison Willoughby, Athenie Leckey, Cathy Speed, Dylan Foley, Emily Amaryllis, Emma Itzstein, Glenda Fell Jones, Jacqui Christians, Jasmine Poole, Justine Wake, Kate Evans, Katherine Marmaras, Kitiya Palaskas, Miranda Costa, Monica Egan, Nicole Quinton, Oliver Ashworth-Martin, Paula Mills, Paula Zetlein, Philippa Taylor, Rebecca Marshall, Rita Attwood and Sarah Strickland. 

Exhibition: 27 March – 9 April 2019. 
Opening night: Friday, 29 March 6-9pm. 

Image: Memento Mori, Mate (Still Life With Tinnies), Jasmine Poole, Inkjet on Canson Etching Rag, 75x56cm.