How to enter

I’ve filled out the form, now how do I pay my entry fee?

Once your entry form is filled out, it should collapse to reveal an ‘Entry Fee’ product. You can add this to your cart, where you can securely check out using a credit card. Please ensure you select the correct amount of entries (per artwork). International entrants are encouraged to get in touch if they have any issues with processing their payment. If you can’t find it, you can follow this link to the product page.

What is this information used for?

The entry form is used to ensure that all details relating to your work are correct and accurate as supplied by the artist.

This information is used strictly only by Gallery staff for Fifty Squared Art Prize and will not be passed on to any third parties or used for any other purpose. Your supplied address will only be used in the event of booking courier return and your supplied bank details are used only in the event of an artwork sale.

I’ve missed the entry deadline, can I still enter?

Unfortunately, once deadline has passed we will not accept any additional entries for Fifty Squared Art Prize.

I need to amend something in my form – can I edit my supplied information once it is submitted?

We request that information is correct and accurate upon filling out your Entry Form, however if you need to edit or amend any information you can get in touch by emailing

Does the artwork need to be completed by the Entry deadline?
The artwork does not need to be ready for exhibition by the final date of entry deadline. The deadline is for entering the prize show only, and works will only need to be fully completed by the Artwork Drop Off dates. Similarly, you do not need to supply any images of the work for entry.

artwork specifications

“Fifty Squared” – Does my artwork need to be square?

No – artwork needs to measure smaller than 50x50cm on all sides but does not need to be square.

My artwork is over 50cm on one or more sides – can I still enter it?

Any artworks that measure over 50cm on any side will unfortunately not be eligible for any of the prizes. This includes your framing, so whether you have bought your framing yourself, or if you are having them done so professionally, we encourage you ensure you keep within these specifications. The only exception to this criteria are works on pre-stretched canvas at 16x20 inch.

Does my artwork need to be framed?

Brunswick Street Gallery will accept unframed works. Any works that are unframed must either be affixed with hanging tabs prior to installation by the artist, or the artist must give permission for the works to be (discreetly) pinned through the corners.

Work needs to arrive at the gallery ready to hang, which includes framed works with wire or sawtooth fixtures on the back to hang, or works on paper that can be pinned through/have adhesive tabs affixed to them. Double sided tape will not be accepted for installation as changes in humidity cause it to lose its adhesive qualities, resulting in artwork damage.

I have a diptych/triptych/multiple works from a series I would like to enter as one artwork with one entry fee. Is this allowed?

Artists can enter multiple works (such as a diptych) as a single work if they are approved by Prize staff and adhere to the following:

  • All components/artworks, when installed together as a whole, measure under 50x50cm. Any works that measure over this will be treated as multiple works.

  • All components/artworks must be listed as a single price and will not be sold separately.

  • All components/artworks must be listed as a single work (with a single title) and will not be labelled separately.

I have specific installation/curatorial requirements for my artwork. Will this be taken into account?

Brunswick Street Gallery will do its best to cater to all specific installation requirements, however due to the volume of works received with each prize show, artwork will be curated at the gallery’s discretion.

What do you mean by “ready to hang”?

Work needs to arrive at the gallery ready to hang, which includes framed works with wire or sawtooth fixtures on the back to hang, or works on paper that can be pinned through/have adhesive tabs affixed to them.

Brunswick Street Gallery will not accept works that we deem not “ready to hang”. This includes:

  • Paintings that are not wholly dry on the Drop Off day. There will be no allowance for the drying of works in the lead up to install.

  • Works using unsuitable materials to hang, such as string, double-sided tape or no hanging mechanism at all.

  • Frames that we believe will not stand to be hung for the duration of the exhibition.

  • Artworks that when installed may cause damage to other artworks.

  • Works relying on double-sided tape for their installation. Double sided tape will not be accepted for installation as changes in humidity cause it to lose its adhesive qualities, resulting in artwork damage.

I have a ceramic/sculptural work I’d like to submit. Will you accept 3D works?

Fifty Squared Art Prize is for 2D artworks, however Brunswick Street Gallery will accept sculptural works if they are:

  • Able to be hung on the wall

  • The depth does not exceed that of a standard framed work/canvas work.

Does my artwork need to be for sale?

Your artwork does not need to be available for sale. When prompted to put a price in the Artwork Details section of the entry form, simply put NFS (Not For Sale).

Does my artwork need to have been made recently?

We will accept works that have been made earlier than the previous year, however we believe an artist’s entry reflects their current practice, so an artwork created at least within the past three years would be recommended (but not necessary).

Artwork Drop Off & collection

I cannot make the designated Artwork Drop Off/Collection day. Are there any allowances?

Unfortunately due to the volume of entries we receive with each prize show, works must be received on the designated Artwork Drop Off days (in person) or by the specified Arrival by post deadline. Any late entries will not be accepted and your exhibition fee will not be refunded.

If you are unable to collect your works on the designated Artwork Collection days, you are encouraged to get in touch with us by 14 January to enquire about having the work returned to you via courier. Works not collected on the designated Collection days will be charged a late storage fee if still not collected 30 days after the end of Fifty Squared Art Prize may be destroyed.

If you need to arrange a proxy to collect your work, their name will need to be emailed in advance to the gallery and their ID sighted before your work will be released to them.

Important: Works will not be released to artists collecting in person without proof of identity.

All important dates will be emailed to you upon application, and can also be found in the Terms & Conditions contained in your entry form and stated on the website.

Will you store artwork packaging?

Brunswick Street Gallery will only store packaging for works sent by post or courier to the gallery. We will not be responsible for re-allocating bubble wrap, packaging or cardboard for works dropped off in person at the Artwork Collection. Artists are encouraged to take their packaging back with them at Artwork Drop Off so they have it ready for its collection on the other side of the exhibition.

I live interstate – will you accept entries via post?

We can accept entries via post. Please package securely in materials suitable to be reused for its return.

At exhibition’s end the artwork will be returned to the artist via courier. We will package the works (using the artist’s packaging wherever possible), and send an invoice for courier fees, and will send once that invoice has been paid. Delivery costs are at the artist’s expense.

Prize announcements

When are the Winners announced?

Fifty Squared Art Prize will announce winners at a public event, held on Friday 10 January from 6-9pm. All are welcome to attend.

If you can’t make the opening event, winners will be listed on our website on Saturday 11 January.

Due to the structural limitations of our heritage building, formal speeches to announce the Prize Winners will not take place at this event. This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests and signs to indicate the Prize Winners will be placed around the venue at 8pm.


If you have a specific question you cannot see answered here, please get in touch at