Off the dot: Group Exhibition
7 – 19 NOVEMBER 2019

Embracing a future of contemporary Aboriginal Art, Off the dot collaborates with the artist community of Utopia, NT.
This project infuses original paintings with fashion ideas. Through the embodiment of the handbag, art takes on a 3D form.
The collection encapsulates a vision of harmony between Aboriginal art and design.

Featuring artists include: Annie Pitjara Hunter, Angeline Pwerle Ngala, Audrey Kngwarreye Morton, Carmen Petyarre, Dolly Petyarre Mills, Elaine Nungala, Elizabeth Mbitjana, Hazel Kngwarreye Morton, Janice Kngwarreye Morton, Jean Mills, Jessie Pitjara, Jeannie Petyarre Mills, Kevin Clark, Kylie Kemarre Clark, Lucky Kngwarreye Morton, Sarah Kngwarreye Morton, Susan Pitjara Hunter, Rosie Pula, Ruby Kngwarreye Morton, Topsy Jones.

Opening event: Friday 8 November, 6–9pm.

Title image: Off the dot, acrylic paintings and waxed linen, 30x30cm paintings.