26 July – 11 august

As long as we have been drawing, we have drawn ourselves and one another.

Historically once the only way to capture a moment in someone's life, the Portrait can be an outer contemplation and an inner reflection.

Featuring works by:

Adam Buckland, Alex Nemirovsky, Asa Letourneau, Brooke Edwards, Carly Burns, Celeste Magee, Chiara Zeta, Chris Rochester, Danielle Salvemini, David Kurzydlo, David MacLeod, David Ramsden, Di Diddle, Ellen Giannikos, Elliott Kuhlmann, Emily Veale, Emma Hearnes, Felicity Grabkowski, Gemma Mitting, Heidi Valkenburg, Ivan Sun, Jakob Perrett, James McLean, James Rhodes, Jessie Adams, Jo Morris, Jodie Fiala, Keely Sheahan, Kristina Wood, Kristy Lee, Latifa Elmrini, Lavinia Puccetti, Liza Posar, Maria Sirpis, Marian Quigley, Martin Bruckard, Matt Chun, Michael Rigby, Molly Melican (Ginklet), Natasha Ber, Prudence Bansemer, Rebecca Pidgeon, Renee Leah, Ryan Pola, Shellie Tonkin Sophie Freshwater and Zory McGrath.