Destiny by Wukun Wanambi


Destiny by Wukun Wanambi


Title: Destiny

Artist: Wukun Wanambi

Artwork Size: 33 x 33cm (circular image), 63 x 53cm (Somerset paper)

Artwork medium: Linocut

Born: 1962

Clan: Marrakulu, Dhurili

Moiety: Dhuwa

Homeland: Gurka'wuy

Art Centre: Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Centre


'Mullet traveled from river to river, ocean to ocean, looking for their destiny. This is at Gurka'wuy. They also traveled to other various communities. We sing a song, and dance as well, to carry the tide of Gurka'wuy water, bringing the guya (fish) into the river, to Trial Bay. There is a place called Marraŋu, Golumala, they sing the song there, where the three rivers come together. The water is called Gudutja and they are looking for their destiny, just like you and I tracing our family tree on a computer, looking for our great, great grandfathers and grandmothers.' – Wukun Wanambi.

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