Giallo by Bri Hammond


Giallo by Bri Hammond

from 300.00

Size in Exhibition: Medium (72.5 x 49.2cm framed)

Archival pigment print on cotton rag by Thirds Fine Art Printing.

All pieces are able to be purchased framed or unframed, in all three sizes. Frames are reclaimed Australian messmate made by Heimur.

Edition sizes:

Small (46.7 x 31.1cm / 49.2 x 33.6cm framed)
8 + AP

Medium (70 x 46.7cm / 72.5 x 49.2cm framed)
5 + 2AP

Large (105 x 70cm / 107.5 x 72.5cm framed)
3 + 2AP


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Unframed / Framed:
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