THE STATE OF SHINE: Jewellers & metalsmiths group of australia (queensland chapter).

The State of Shine showcases and celebrates the shining and vibrant contemporary jewellery and metalsmithing community in Queensland. Through the medium of jewellery and objects the exhibition will be an exploration of what it means to design and make in Queensland as well as within the broader framework of Australia. This exhibition is presented as part of Radiant Pavilion 2019.

Featuring works by Alicia Lane, Alison Bruce, Catherine Hunter, Charlotte Kippax, Chloe Healy, Clare Poppi, Gerhard Herbst, Helen Moriarty, Helen Wyatt, Jandy Pannell, Katherine Grocott, Katie Stormonth, Kierra-Jay Power, Megan Mackenzie, Melissa Stannard, Mia Wells, Michelle Stemm, Minna Jun, Nellie Peoples, Robyn Pell, Mari Hirata and Kathleen Hunt.

Title image: Her Steps (Volume II), Mari Hirata, sterling silver, stainless steel, 6.8x3.2x1.7cm.