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you will be okay: Tegan Iverson

Exhibited in our Ground Floor Gallery:
you will be okay is a positive reminder.
It uses text & imagery to convey (the truth) that there is love & hope all around. There will always be sad times throughout life but everything changes & things will get better.
These words are for encouragement, to (hopefully) make you feel alright & perhaps even smile. To remind you it's totally fine & normal to be upset & to cry (feel your feelings) but you also have to remember that you will be okay & happy again. Please don't worry so much.
A rainbow will appear after the rain, flowers will bloom & there will be tasty & beautiful fruit. 
Nighttime can be hard, but if you look closely enough you will see that the funny little moon in the sky has a funny little smile for you! 
This life is strange, unpredictable, sad but also really amazing & beautiful. You will be okay.

Image: you will be okay, interior paint, mural, dimensions variable.